11/2014 - New Video For Ennui "Circles"
Fight the cold and revisit summer with the new video for "Circles" from Ennui's latest album Telepathic Beat.

10/2014 - Faux Ferocious Hit The Road For CMJ
Faux Ferocious will be making their way to CMJ this month, hitting cities throughout the south on the way there and in the mid-west on the way home. Check the Faux Ferocious Facebook Page for Show Details and if you are going to CMJ, don't miss Faux Ferocious' official CMJ Show at the Terrorbird Showcase.

10/2014 - Revolt TV Premieres Video For Ennui's "Summer Of Love"
Revolt TV will be premiering the video for Ennui's single, "Summer Of Love" on Saturday Oct 11th at 12:00 AM EST on their electronic music show, LVTR. Check your local cable provider for the channel listing, and the feature on Revolt TVs website.

09/2014 - Nak You Out Interviews Ennui
Nak You Out has an interview with Ennui, just in time for the release of his new album, Telepathic Beat. Check out the interview and grab your copy of the album from iTunes.

09/2014 - CMJ Interviews Faux Ferocious
Faux Ferocious' hard to forget live show has caught the attention of CMJ, who featured the band in a Q&A and premiered a live video recorded at the Owl Farm in Nashville. Check out the interview and be sure to watch the pro-shot live video.

09/2014 - Buzznet Interviews Ennui
Buzznet's Tina Bobeena caught up with Ennui for a Q&A about his new album, Telpathic Beat. The album is out now. Grab a copy from iTunes.

09/2014 - Pre-Release Album Stream For Ennui By Indie Shuffle
Ennui's new album Telepathic Beat is scheduled for release next week, but you can hear the entire album ahead of time thanks to Indie Shuffle. Check the album out and head over to iTunes to pre-order.

09/2014 - Impose Magazine Premieres New Video From Teeel
"Disk Go" the new single from Teeel has gottent the video treatment from LA director Adam Murphy as an 80s dance party. On their video premiere feature, Impose Magazine says "the disco deluxe is turned into a lively glamor opp (with the) latest audio design patterns re-imagining all viable surfaces as one communal dance floor."

09/2014 - NoisePorn Features Ennui
NoisePorn has featured Ennui and included a temporary free download of "Summer Of Love" - a track they describe as "infectious even after the summer days pass." Grab it before the download expires.

08/2014 - New Music From Teeel
Teeel's new single "Disk Go" is getting attention on a number of music sites. Check out what Disco Salt, Audio Drums, and Disco Unchained had to say about the dancefloor smash.

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Sun Glitters - Scattered Into Light
Under the Radar
"Sun Glitters’ new video for “Lonely Trip” (a cut from the Luxembourg artist’s debut full-length Scattered Into Light) features black and white footage of a woman walking alone on a beach. It’s isolated and lonely in the most beautiful way. — Under the Radar
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
The brainchild project of Pittsburg native Jim Doutrich, Ennui is the musical ensemble of ambient synth pop and upbeat musical arrays. Apart from his choice of a highly interesting name as his alter-ego, in 'Feel It' Doutrich emotes distinctly through the words,especially in the infectious “I can feel it” chorus.
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
New Artist Discovery: Ennui, aka Jim Doutrich, just released his new single “Summer of Love.” The single, which was released last month, was the first track written for Ennui’s upcoming record “Telepathic Beat.” The nearly seven-minute track is filled with the ambient electric/pop vibe that represents Ennui. With its techno-like beat and overlay of vocals, “Summer of Love” will be infectious even after the summer days pass. - NoisePorn
Brothertiger - Lovers
With an ear for melody, chillwave producer and musician Brothertiger has found himself a fair amount of internet fame. Not familiar with the term chillwave? Take a listen to “Lovers” for a laid-back and textbook example. - Reverb
Shinamo Moki - You Couldn't Be More Distant
The 405
Electro duo Shinamo Moki, harking from Brighton, draw upon their passions for Japanese pop culture, nature and Eastern architecture for what they describe as “sparse synths and splintering, textural percussions,” which, to give them credit, is pretty accurate. There's a spazzkid-type clattering of synthetic noise, a delicious cataclysm of post-dance/synthpop eye-twitch glee and saccharine sharpness, like razorblades in lollipops. It's gorgeously eccentric pop. - The 405
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Based out of Pittsburgh, the eclectic solo project Ennui floats into the airwaves with their most recent song "Circles". What was once a four-piece band has since dwindled down to Jim Doutrich, who has been the primary songwriter along the way. It really is surprising to see how Ennui's sound has fluxed over the years. In looking through their 4 years of available material you can find a mix of styles ranging from a heavy 80's influence, a more modern laid back indie vibe and the most recent airy, experimental touch.
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Consequence of Sound
When Pittsburgh’s Ennui started out a few years back, it was as a four-piece playing energetic synth-rock. Eventually, the lineup was eventually whittled down to the twosome of multi-instrumentalist Sam McUmber and producer/principal songwriter Jim Doutrich. Following the release of 2011’s more eclectic Formation of Tides, Doutrich decided to go it alone, holing up in his home studio to experiment with dreamier, more atmospheric sounds. The result is Ennui’s latest album, Telepathic Beat.
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We can't put our finger on it, but there's just something about Chicago's A Lull that grabs your attention. Maybe it's the number of members- the band has had between 5 and 8 people at a time. Or maybe it's the thumping drum beats and booming choruses that explode from your headphones. Whatever the reason, these guys have become our new go-to for hypnotically emphatic tunes.
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Exciting - Pitchfork / Terrific proof of the underground’s vitality - Rockpile / Alive from beginning to end - Mean Street / A master mortician - CMJ / Full of humor, brains, passion and breathtaking sounds - All Music Guide / Mad and beautiful, beautiful and mad - Big Chill
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Lulu Mushi
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Lulu Mushi serves up the wickedest late-nite, red light, moody hip-hop instrumentals with wailing trumpets and somber piano loops while other tracks remind one of backroom speakeasies with the live stand up bassist relaxed and in a Latin groove, superb. - XLR8R / "Blue Sonoko" is groovy rewired samba that's cheeky as hell - Muzik

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