08/2014 - Shinamo Moki Interviewed By Polyester Magazine
Polyester Magazine recently sat down with Shinamo Moki for a Q&A. Read what the band has to say about their vision and aesthetic.

08/2014 - New Music From Shinamo Moki
Shinamo Moki have been making quite a name for themselves with a series of buzz worthy EPs and remixes. Check out "Feng Jin Tu Pian" from their Mush debut EP You Couldn't Be More Distant and search out their music on iTunes.

08/2014 - Ennui's "Summer Of Love" BBC Song Of The Day
Ennui's new track 'Summer Of Love" has been named "Song Of The Day" by BBC.

08/2014 - Shinamo Moki Giveaway
In celebration of their upcoming EP, Shinamo Moki are giving away a free track and remix via the site, We Like It Indie. Head on over to “Heliotrope” and a remix from Japanese act Fusigi.

08/2014 - Noisey Premieres New Track From Ennui
Vice's Noisey has premiered a new track from Ennui, the seven-minute synth-pop epic, "Summer Of Love". Head on over to Noisey for a limited time to get a free track download.
07/2014 - Shinamo Moki Interviewed By Some Candy Talkin'
Shinamo Moki have turned in a great remix for Steffaloo's "Shoulda Known Better". Some Candy Talkin' recently sat down with the group for a Q&A and have posted a stream of the remix.

07/2014 - New EP From Shinamo Moki
We're excited to work with Shinamo Moki, whose upcoming EP, You Couldn't Be More Distant follows up on their recent EP release for Abandon Building, Their Go With Me and a number of terrific remixes including their take on Steffaloo's Shoulda Known Better. In anticipation of the EP's release, the band has shared a promotional video. Check it out and learn more about the band.

07/2014 - Reverb Magazine Covers Brothertiger
Reverb Magazine has noted Brothertiger as one of the acts not to miss at this year's Underground Music Showcase in Denver. Get Brothertigers set times and more information on the showcase from the UMS website.

07/2014 - Earmilk Features Ennui & Offers Free Track DL
Earmilk has featured Ennui and posted a free download of the track "Circles" noting that it "is the kind of song that takes off regardless of whether or not you are strapped in and ready to go."

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Steffaloo - Would You Stay
Beats Per Minute
While the statement “Everyone’s got problems” is usually used as a rebuttal to someone who has been complaining too long, it’s also a sentiment worth keeping in mind most of the time. We go about our days, working, sleeping, eating, filling our time with whatever we do and it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that everyone does this. And like us, everyone else has problems, worries, woes and troubles to deal with day in and day out. You might sit and mull over how you can’t find anything decent to wear to a party while elsewhere someone else is probably dealing with being made redundant, or being told some devastating, life-changing news. It brings to mind another clichéd sentiment that again rings true, no matter the context: “Someone is always worse off.”
Samuel Cooper - Treehouse
This Is Book's Music
Pop music is alive and well in 2014, sometimes it’s as simple and innocent as Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, other times it’s as simple as “Faucet”, the new song by Samuel Cooper. It sounds like something you may have discovered on the radio in the late 60′s/early 70′s, complete with the craft that made you say “I want to stay in this place for awhile”. Make yourself at home. - This Is Book's Music
Samuel Cooper - Treehouse
1000 Sparks
Kahden taittotäytteisen päivän jälkeen ulkona päivänvalossa kävely oli tänään järisyttävä kokemus. Samaan kevätsaumaan osuu mies nimeltä Samuel Cooper. - 1000 Sparks
Samuel Cooper - Treehouse
Austin Town Hall
Samuel Cooper is a man who has become well known for his work in the indie-pop group Sunglasses. New is hitting the streets today that the man is going solo for a spell and already has a full album of material ready for our ears. Previewing that new material is this delightful new tune called “Treehouse”. I love the bright and sunny feel you get from the song and can’t help but smile throughout. - Austin Town Hall
Samuel Cooper - Treehouse
Another Whisky For Mister Bukowski
Ce titre est un arc en ciel pop. Un sourire, une envie de crier haut les coeurs. C’est le genre de trésor que tu dois garder précieusement, pour le ressortir quand ça ira moins bien ou que tu auras besoin de te sorti de la tête un nuage gris. Voila je viens d’écrire la moitié d’une chanson de Fauve.
Samuel Cooper - Treehouse
Some Of It Was True
Sway, sway like a palm. - Some Of It Was True
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Brilliant Shit

Daniel Trudea, a.k.a. Pregnant, organized what we assume to be the first ever parade in the name of a singular musical note. in the name of "G". The "G" Hum Parade is not your typical lawn chair along the boulevard. Videographer Robert Mull documented the excursion.
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MH-075 Bigg Jus - Black Roses MH075.php

Bigg Jus still knows how to drop a nifty one-liner out of the madness, and happily, El-P provides a remix for lead single ‘Black Roses’. Par for the course really from two certified ear-boxers. - Clash / After being silent for too long, this single announces that Bigg Jus is back with an iconoclastic masterpiece of intelligent, abstract hip-hop. - Static
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Vancouver's electronic artist Teen Daze operates in that nebulous area between dream-pop, ambient, shoegaze and chillwave. He can be found on the singles "I've Been Waiting" by Brothertiger and "Hello" by Command V.

Lulu Mushi
Blue Sonoko


Oval Compositions

Lulu Mushi serves up the wickedest late-nite, red light, moody hip-hop instrumentals with wailing trumpets and somber piano loops while other tracks remind one of backroom speakeasies with the live stand up bassist relaxed and in a Latin groove, superb. - XLR8R / "Blue Sonoko" is groovy rewired samba that's cheeky as hell - Muzik

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