" I guess here there is a one-toothed maximum," says Doseone while sucking back a mango, making their way through Kentucky. "I like to rag on the locals here, but really the crowds for us here are actually really good."

And it seems, very quietly, that crowds everywhere are attracting to take notice of these "underground" hip-hop heads. Through their self-titled album of last year, various 10-inch singles and collaborations with everyone in the Anticon world, Dose and partner in crime odd nosdam are making noise. Seeing as they have been likened to everyone from My Bloody Valentine to the Bomb Squad, you kind of get the sense that these guys cannot be pigeonholed.

"It's kind of hard to describe our music," says Dose. "It's very eclectic. like being masked underwater." While these guys do like to joke around, they take their careers seriously.

" I just got out of being in the studio for months with various projects, so I had to get on the road and stop thinking of making songs and just have some fun." While this current tour runs the duration of the summer ("We're going around the world"), expect to see a new cLOUDDEAD record in the near future.


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