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"That sounds like a Mongolian yak auction" brays Corosion of Conformity's bassist Mike Dean. He just heard 'Farmer's Market of the Beast' from 1998's moving Beneath the Surface compilation, upun bewhich is smackety yakker named Radioinactive, a surreal goat-getter from Los Angeles. "Goats are actually unicorns," he qualifies. Inactive wants the Pleiadeans (aliens channel zero'd in by New Age starry-idol Barbara Marciniak) to do the intro of his 'Pyramidi' which will include collaborations with his Flamenco-playing pops and tablas master Zakir Hussein. Meanwhile, Inactive makes dough ends as a Hollywood sound boom operator. Saw limited action at Good Life but cut teeth further sharpened parlancelots at Project Blowed. Basque origins can be eye-dot connected to his great-grandfather's prose wars at the Royal Academy of Literature in Spain.

Radioinactive is part of Workforce Crew: Subtitle, Premonition, Anonymous and O[f] M[exican] D[ecent]'s Xololanxinxo. R.I.'s real name (Kamal de Iruretagoyena Humphrey) is about as long as this yarn. Floweavel jabberjawock: helixcentric cryptricken' tales, allegoring swordsman on antenna horns. Peripatetic from subject matter to delivery, Radioinactive associates with words long enough to mingle and mercilessly mangle, then he's off on some next shit with a jingle-jangle. "Fickle like ceiling fans spinning lifespans of energy in outdated mobile homes." The line is moving synchopate-in sync (sic) and chopping up pates. Any way you slice it, in words of poet Quincy Troupe, "it'll cut a man too short to shit."

Dave Tompkins

Mush Records