Adventurous electro-record label MUSH has rounded up a posse of its all-stars and is hitting the road. Headlining the event are precocious laptop poppers Her Space Holiday, a one-man band featuring the perpetually brokenhearted Marc Bianchi musing about his failings over automated drumbeats and sumptuous orchestral samples. His latest, 'The Young Machines' veers between bleary-eyed ambient explorations and some gyrating pop moments, and shows that Bianchi's IDM-powered muse continues to evolve, a decade on from when he first began his home recording adventures. Also on the bill is Neotropic, a collaboration between Riz Maslen, one of the first female electronic artists to gain widespread critical recognition, and beloved local music man JG Everest. Just how the European Mazlen linked up with Everest in the first place is anyone's guess, but the collection of forward-thinking ambient dub they cook up together on the just-released 'White Rabbits' means their cross-continental connection is worth celebrating. Not afraid to incorporate more organic elements such as harmonica or flute solos into her lengthy compositions (four cuts come in over the nine-minute mark), Mazlen continues to be one of electronic music's leading ladies. With Daedelus, Octavius, Thavius Beck.


Mush Records