Mush Records peddles hip-hop. Sort-of. What actually comes out when a Mush mouth takes the stage is more spoken-word performance art than typical chest-thumping, ice-rocking, I-say-HIP-you-say-HOP. MCs delivering mind-bending rhymes team up with Djs serving brain-splitting beats and force listeners to bob and shake their heads. It's precisely what you're looking for if you adore Sage Francis or Mac Lethal but wish they could be a tad bit more batshit insane. Mush claims left-centric undreground heavyweights Busdriver and Aesop Rock among it's ranks, but it will be acts such as Los Angeles rapper and graffiti guru Circus jumping in the ring with Andre Afram Asmar (whose electronic productions use live instrumentals and canned samples stirred with dub, world music, and hip-hop) that will ignite the Gaslight. But not before Antimc spins a core of jazz, rock and hip-hop that melts down over Radioinactive's volatile rhymes. Toss in Listener from Atlanta and the Australian conglomerate Curse ov Dialect, and by the end your brain will be - you guessed it - mush.


Mush Records