Mush is an unfortunate tag for a label full of avant arriviste hip-hoppers so solid. Boom Bip and Doseone's Circle takes you on a mix-mastered trip from electro to bop, from metal to ambient with Dose's tale of street and spiritual life ending where it begins. cLOUDEAD's eponymous debut (compiled by odd nosdam and why?, Mush's MVP's/patron saints) is dad-licious wall-paper-hop with some angular guitars and a spoken word bent-- eerie-silly like Ken Nordine but always swinging. Odd and why? also oversee Reaching Quiet's just released In The Shadow Of The Living Room, stretching the atmospheric-hop of cLOUDDEAD inot an even-more crackled-guitar vibe. Radioinactive's Pyrimidi takes the same aproach but on a jazzier bop trip. And Labtekwon's (part of the Native Tongue school of Tribe and KRS-one) Song of the Sovereign compiles his Ankh Ba label stuff with new takes on old breaks. Don't miss a second of the Mush showcase this Wednesday.


Mush Records