In keeping with the dreamlike itinerant nature of his chosen nom de guerre, 28-year-old Marc Bianchi has taken something of a minstrel's path in arriving at his present incarnation.

In 2001 as Her Space Holiday her serves up delicious slices of ethereal moodtronica laced with an off-kilter pop hook. Three years ago, he was more concerned with lysergic psychedelic guitar-based grooves. And even further back he was a fully paid up card-carrying member of California's hardcore (as in grinding guitars, not gurning Dutchmen) scene.

"It's taken a while to get here" the soft spoken Bianchi admits, "but in the end I was a lousy guitarist anyway so it seemed quite natural to throw it out."

Having had his on-the-road-to-Damascus-conversion whilst being exposed to the electronic vignettes of Bjork and Tricky, he began experimenting with manipulating samples and subverting the classic songwriting ethos. An act of subversion he has maintained in his day job as manager of the new artist program at Metallica's favorite internet mavericks, Napster.

"It's cool and it's laid back, but I can't really tell you any more than that" he notes, mindfull of the furor surrounding his place of employment.

Bitten by the electronica bug, Bianchi began delving further - Boards of Canada, Autechre and Aphex Twin all finding favor on his stereo. However, rather than the stark, and at times, austere minimalism propagated by these pioneers, Her Space Holiday's scriptures are afforded the sonic sunshine of the west coast.

"I guess the sunshine does add to the lushness of the music" he concedes, blissfully unaware of how lovely such a backdrop sounds.

And it's all come together on his new Her Space Holiday album 'Manic Expressive' ("It' a twist on manic depressive, which I've been called a lot" he laughs), as elements of pop melodicism, cute abstract electro, and sporadic beats all meld together to produce one sumptuous journey.


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