It's been a year since we witnessed your guys' affectionate banter. So a question to The Box, are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still a strong influence on your life outlook?
Daedelus: As Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird once wrote… just kidding. The box has seen the truth in years of devotion and has accepted me into a sensei / student relationship. I couldn't be happier.

So if Daedelus wasn't collaborating with The Box, who else would he be working with?
D: For a small time I did make a habit of performing with string quartets or jazz groups, taking my music literally or to other strange places. Although terribly fun to share the stage, I just couldn't control the mix very well, and certainly they didn't take it well when I pushed their buttons…

What's with the rumor that The Box is to be mass-produced? How will that feel to have Box clones lurking around production studios?
D: This Box has a first name: MONOME, and it's awesome, the brothers and sisters of this prototype are smaller at 8" X 8", have brighter buttons, are made using environmentally friendly techniques, but also essentially kick ass. Brian Crabtree who makes these Monomi should get an award.

Do you still think you're 15 times better than an MPC sampler?
Monome: Excuse me, that was 16 times better.

Daedelus, besides Monome The Box, what are some other instruments you have fun playing with?
D: I play none too well, but I studied for many years on bass clarinet and double bass, not to mention the kitchen sink - that as of late seems to be my forte.

Daedelus and Monome's latest adventure takes place in the dirty loop land of Mush Records. Denies the Day's Demise is a brilliant continuation of his blistering IDM breaks cuddled with those cartoon orchestral sounds of the 1930s.

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