With his latest record, Exquisite Corpse, released domestically by Mush Records and worldwide via Ninja Tune, Daedelus is deservingly on the rise. Corpse is a smorgasbord of first-rate collaborations (MF Doom, Prefuse 73, Mike Ladd, and the current "it" in French hip-hop known as TTC) which don't distract but rather help Daedelus hone in on his most endearing production style. Meshing the loony-toon symphonic samples with his clarinet chirps and squarepushing rhythms, the (as Doom would say) "pro-con white man with a Cali-light tan" has effectively carved out his own brand of organic IDM that also somehow passes for underground hip-hop.

Then there's The Box. On stage, without the Box, Daedelus would be just another glitch drone, squinting into the weary glow of a laptop. But the Box allows Daedelus to play with his crackly orchestral licks and pulverizing beats on the fly right before your very eyes. The Box claims it's rather essential to Daedelus' live show. So essential that The Box demanded to override Daedelus and become the primary subject of this interview. Daedelus, not a fool to meddle with his prize meddler, agreed.

Ok, tape rolling. First things first: Where do you come from and what makes you the way you are?
I was sired by one Brian Crabtree; he endowed me with arcane knowledge as I was apprenticed at his company. Much like the Turtles with Master Splinter.

Do you mean to tell me you watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
I prefer to refer to them as T.M.N.T., but more importantly I've learned that to make too much sound is chaos. Make too little and it's silence. I make music somewhere in between.

The Ninja Turtles taught you that?
No. Brian, or as I call him, Master Tehn- his true Ninjitsu identity - taught me that lesson. Although T.M.N.T. has been of great importance (no slight against my commitment to the fan club intended), I was speaking of the way I make music by taking a sound and chopping it into 16 steps.

Like a Katana?
No, like a sequencer. These 16 points are adjustable and any can be played along the continuum, allowing for multiple instances, repeats, refrains, alterations, and simultaneous actions by just two hands.

Like weilding two bad-ass Nunchaku?
Huh? No, no, I'm able to repeat all these movements in sequence subsequently, or erase these patterns and make new ones. Taking sound sources and completely reassembling them into unrecognition.

I'm confused, you beat up audio?
I guess yes, that is a fair assessment: with ten fingers, I "beat up audio." (ed. - "The Box made that annoying bunny gesture with both hands.") I'd be more inclined to reference a DJ manipulating a vinyl record, or an extended keyboard, or 16 MPC 2000s all in 16 step mode.

Isn't an MPC a piece of audio equipment?
Yes, it's the seminal hip-hop production unit. Everyone uses it.

Are you trying to say you're 16 times better than an MPC?
Well, no I wasn't "trying" to infer any such reference. ("Again!")

It sounded like you were.
Grow up. I do something totally different.

You grow up! You watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
T.M.N.T. is an important show, it's not "kids television." I've learned alot from it. ("Arrrrrgh!")

Yeah? Like what?
How about this... ("Another apparent "gesture.")

Now that was really uncalled for.
Well this little "talk" is over.


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