Bigg Jus also known as Bigg Justoleum or Lune Tns is a rapper/ producer from New-York city, formerly a member of Company Flow along with Mr. Len and El-p. After the late-1990s breakup of Company Flow, Bigg Jus formed late subverse records and  began to pursue his solo career. He's still indie, releasing albums on different labels such as Mush Records and Big Dada.

HELLO! Thanks for answering the questions.
Where are you right now?
Peace here ya go… Sorry I'm on a road trip… Doing this from a hotel.

There are lots of variations in your work, from the early Co Flow shit and to the Black Mamba series (including Plantaion Rhymes EP). You seem to be really into some kind of world that embraces graffiti, hip-hop breaks, slang poetry and jazz and soul fluids. What kind of new projects are you going to do? Will those projects be closed to those different universes or will you move to more accelerated beats kind of tracks like you did with Orko Elohiem on NMS?
Peace… Variation is crucial in development… It's how I challenge myself. I like to move in opposite direction of what I'm currently doing so I don't get pigeon holed, yet I can't allow myself to pick up the mic and say some bullshit every thing has to be valid…
The current directions are more innovative visual/ multimedia albums and larger scale multi collaborative/ multi genre projects. Basically some take over shit…

You're always into political rhymes, but at the same time you're moving to lots of metaphoric songs. Do you think that artist should always consider politics? Whata is your point of view on the next political election? Will you vote for the Democrats?
I think you have a responsibility to express opposition to a corrupted system if you command any type audience willing to listen to it could Senior citizen bingo night…
Fuck Bush, Dick Cheney, John Forbes Kerry as well it's a skull and bones election, it doesn't matter who wins the corrupt policies continue… Iran prepare… You are next on the list…

You are sometimes using silence in a very "spaced" way, reminding of those breaks that could be heard in some Coltrane or Monk opus. What is your definition of silence and music?
It's the ability to reflect, breathe, and think… hip-hop is way to regimented… It's been time for the production side of things to expand and explore musical timing and creativity… I personally don't feel like I'm anywhere close to where I'd like to be but it's better to have a path in front than a cliff…

You seem totally accepted in Europe as a strickly b boy, that is always moving forwards (using electronic music in the same kind of shapes than electronica artists), without forgetting its roots hip-hop in all its meaning. Would you be ready to work with other musicians that are not in the "hip-hop" field?
Always… It's necessary for the culture to exist… I'd love to work with anybody who's sure of themselves and want to push boundaries but just not on some crazy no rhythm bleeps shit… I'm not that advanced…

The brilliant idea of putting mp3 23 bonus tracks is in contradiction with the fear some people and artists have about p2peer and download on internet. What's your point of you on downloading?
Once fans realize the power they have by supporting their favorite artists they also change the corporate machine and the way it operates then the respect for artists work will mature…
Theft is theft, a 5 year old knows nothing is free… Sadly.

You recently made some collabs with European artists, could you talk about how you met dDamage kidz?
dDamage came to me to work on that song. I trust them for the productions and them beats. Paris' full of energy and creative people like those two guys. They also connected with Ork and made some stuff with him. I met Fred at Nouveau Casino in Paris. We talked politics & shit, music and then connected really fast. They good people…

Could you please talk about your next project, also lots of people want you in France so please come. And if you have some time, can you please make some 10 songs or album track listings of the day? Stuff that you are listening to?
New album on Mush and next album with Orko and touring Europe again with dDamage perhaps. Today's track-listing includes whatever is in my car at the present while I'm on my road trip to NY to work with Jugganots - whose album is almost done - peace!

01. The Revolutionaries Vital Dub

02. Slyford Walker Lambs Bread

03. Organized Konfuzion Organized Konfuzion

04. Rahsaan Roland Kirk The Inflated Tear

05. KRS One Sex and Violence

06. Immortal Technique 2nd Album

07. MF Doom Mm Food

08. Nas Illmatic

09. Sly And The Family Stone Greatest Hits

10. Max Roach The Roar Of '74


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