After a dreary Raider fourth quarter loss, I welcomed a solitary excursion to Los Feliz's Bigfood Lodge on a weary Sunday night for some liquor support and to catch a quick chat with Nobody, the man responsible for assembling Pacific Drift:  Western Water Music Vol. 1, my favorite album of the year thus far.  And since it's already the last quarter of this here, the year of the Ram, then I could safely announce that is definitely IS the best album of 2003.  (And I'll say it again and again).  Our quick chat turned into a succession of cocktails and broken (albeit amusing) conversations, as I witnessed Nobody (Elvin Estela on his birth certificate) take his turns spinning willowy psychedelic-pop-romp music on the decks, while listening to his quirky musings.

Pacific Drift was a definite departure from the celestial hip-hop manifesto that was Soulmates, but to expect anything less than layers of creative jones from this man would be like thinking we have a smart man heading the White House.  It's just plain wrong.  But, are we really surprised by the talent that's come about?  Elvin, after all, was raised by and took from the split personality that is Southern Cali and its backdrops.  If anyone has used this city to his advantage, it is Nobody.  His boastings of early music acquisitions (dude, I used to go to the swapmeet every week to buy tons of tapes and records when I was young…I remember listening to 2 Live Crew when I was 10), and how he attended one of the most groundbreaking schools of music in town (I hung out of the Good Life Café and witnessed some of the best hip-hop…met some of the dopest MCs), should say it all.  We talked about how he had one of the greatest mentors in music (I listened to Mike Nardone's show [We Come From Beyond] way before I met him and did a show at KXLU…he is definitely one of my biggest inspirations) and Elvin even admitted that he has one of the best backyards around (my favorite place in L.A. is the ocean…it's just so damn peaceful and relaxing).  How can Nobody go wrong with these types of influences?

These days, the fortunate cookies that we are can still gather 'round the radio with popcorn in hand and listen to She Comes in Colours, Nobody's weekly radio offering on KXLU 89.9 FM, or catch his melodic programming for  He is also currently crafting some production masterpieces for Ellay Khule with fellow wiz (and another LMU alumni), Omid.  It's pretty safe to say that no one should be surprised by the assortment of future gatherings we'll receive from the one they call Nobody.  That is definitely the fun part.


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