Hi, I'm a listener.., and I'm all ears'... begins Dan Smith on his long awaited, and highly anticipated, solo premier 'Whispermoon.' As one half of the veteran basement hip-hop duo Labklik, along with Illtrip One, and a voice to be reckoned with in the emcee dream team known as Deepspace 5, Listener has paid his dues with countless albums and appearances throughout the 90's. You probably remember him from the baffling word play he delivered on DS5's 'Stick This In Your Ear,' or the memorable appearance on the original, Sphere Records, release of Mars ILL's unforgettable 'Raw Material' LP. Earlier this year while contemplating label situations, Listener signed on with LA. based hip-hop label Mush Records. Known for it's stellar line-up of sheer underground talent with the likes of mic phenom Aesop Rock, as well as solidified artists such as Busdriver, and Labtekwon. "I finished the album over about a year in LA. and Atlanta, and started sending it around. I got some good response on it, but Mush was the most excited about Whispermoon. I've always completed entire albums; I've never been one to make demos and such. Mush had heard me on the Deepspace 5 album, and I had heard of them because of the artists on their roster, so we both thought it would be a good fit."

With a consistent touring schedule and positive moment on the CMJ (College Music Journal] hip-hop charts, claiming a spot in the top ten for nearly two full months, Listener has greatly surpassed his, and others, expectations for the record. "I did this for me. that's why it is very personal and original, I would never want to be known as a Christian alternative to anyone. That's why I am very happy with the way things have panned out and the road that's been taken with the LP. It's been charting great, beyond what I ever expected, alongside some other remarkable underground talent."

One track that has garnered major attention from seemingly everyone who has come across it is Train Song. Featuring classic acoustic harmonies and a simplistic drum and bass pattern, over a heart wrenching vocal sample courtesy of Elected Official. "The response that I have gotten from the track has blown me away, far beyond anything I ever expected. I have had people come up to me at shows telling me that the song has brought tears to their eyes and that its brought them closer to God. It is very humbling to be used by God and to see so many lives touched."

One thing is certain that you can expect to hear a lot more from Listener and Mush in the near future. Whispermoon is definitely a sign of good things to come; it is a very introspective LP, touching on a lot of different feelings and emotions. "This record is my first real solo effort. I grew accustomed to being in a group and handling only a portion of the workload so this was an eye opener and I have already begun writing for my second release. I'm happy with the way the record turned out, I'm happy I have a good label pushing it, I'm touring, and doing what I love to do, I can't complain." With a brand new album available in quality music stores across the globe, it looks as if fans of Dan Smith will have their ears at work for quite some time.


Mush Records