Hailing from the Bay Area of San Francisco then planting his roots in Austin, Texas where he touched down last year to play the SXSW festival… Marc Bianchi is the name behind this perfect solo effort titled Her Space Holiday. Powerful yet gentle, 'The Young Machines' is the new album released by Mush Records and Wichita Recordings, combining a truly personal experience on the voyage of heartache and transformation. Bittersweet lyrical confessions of painful love, fumbling dreams, melancholy days and sleepless nights against a backdrop of pop and electronic hues of beauty, this album is the result of a hellish year, somehow resulting in undeniable contagious melodies. Luckily I was able to catch up with Marc after his journey through the UK to find out a little more about this man behind the sound, and even indulge in a live show at Fat Cat's in Houston. Take your own holiday with Marc and discover a sound you will fall held over heels for.

ME: Where did you come up with the name for your current project "Her Space Holiday"?

MB: The name was inspired by a friend of mine who was going through a rough time. She was making decisions out of the realm of her better judgment. It's basically a description of times we all go through when we are trying to figure out who we are. The mistakes we make along the way to becoming a person we can stand.

ME: How was your tour in Europe, and are you excited to be coming back to the states for some shows?

MB: Europe was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. It was definitely the most life changing experience I have had on tour. There were so many things I have never been exposed to on previous tours, so it was hard to make good decisions all the time.

ME: Have you noticed a difference of support from the UK compared to the US?

MB: It was definitely a faster paced tour with a lot more people at the shows. I don't know if that had to do with the European attitude in general or the fact the "The Young Machines" did a lot better than the previous records. I haven't toured the US in so long so I don't know how it's going to compare this time to the recent UK trip… but we'll see.

ME: How is living in Texas compared to being a native of San Francisco?

MB: Texas has been good so far. I think when I first moved here I started going out a lot more then I did when I lived in the Bay Area, but even after a year of going to shows and parties the nightlife novelty has definitely worn off. The scenic part of Austin still remains a beautiful thing, but I definitely would like to move out of this town soon and get started on the next change in my life.

ME: Since you have endeavored solo with the new album "The Young Machines", who is the current line up you tour with, and are they going to be a permanent fixture of the band or just tour mates?

MB: Right not I play with a couple of great people. My friend Kenneth Holland plays bass and also plays in "Attack Formation", along with having a great project of his own called "You and Me Falconry". The drummer is an old friend of mine named Eyad Kaileh who also use to play with me in "Indian Summer", so it's nice to have him back on board again. I think this will be the permanent live line up, or at least as long as they are interested in playing with me, but I will still make the records myself.

ME: Since you are obviously a poet at heart, at what age did you discover you had a way with words?

MB: Well thank you… I don't know if I'm a poet, but I have always enjoyed writing. That's what I wanted to be when I was little but I just couldn't handle school so I gave up on that endeavor, or at least formal training in it.

ME: Since a lot of your songs were inspired by your ex-girlfriend Keely, what does she think about being the muse for your lyrics, which are sometimes good and bad?

MB: You know… Keely and I never talked about that oddly enough. I think after our breakup a year ago it has gotten a bit uncomfortable for her, but we are working on it.

ME: You have also remixed for bands such as REM and Bright Eyes; is this something you plan to keep doing in the music industry… and do you find it just as rewarding as creating your own music?

MB: I actually enjoy doing remixes a lot more then I enjoy making my own music. I am far less self-conscious when I work with other peoples voices… since mine is so limited.

ME: Since you own the label "Audio Information Phenomena" yet you've placed it on hold at the moment to support the band; do you think you will continue this project in the future?

MB: I can't see putting out any records on "AIP" in the near future, but I also can't see abandoning the project all together. Hopefully some time soon there will be a new "AIP" release in the works.

ME: Are you planning on releasing any new material any time soon?

MB: I thought I finished the new record before I left for the UK tour but once I got back and listened to it, I realized that I could do a lot more. There will hopefully be a new "Her Space Holiday" record coming out in the spring that's tentatively titled "The Past Presents the Future". It's a record based on how all the things we go through and the people we have met… make up who we are.


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