Everyone knows Missing Persons' song "Nobody Walks In LA" is true. So if you come to town without a rental car you better get used to the bus. Who better to pull open the doors for you but cleverly sarcastic Regan Farquhar, better known by the name Busdriver. He's rapped alongside Freestyle Fellowship luminaries, mashed up on stage with Koncrete Junglists, and tuned in and dropped out with Dublab rats like Daedelus. After numerous guest appearances and four solid records of his own-his most recent, Fear Of A Black Tangent, is out now on Mush - Farquhar's ready to swipe your pass.

Project Blowed at The Kaos Network, 4343 Liemert Blvd. "I like to hang out at Project Blowed in Leimert Park. It's a very prestigious open mic, and on Thursdays I spend hours and hours there. The 210 passes by there, but that's on Crenshaw." (Metro Bus 210, 710)

Psychobabble Café, 1866 N. Vermont St. "When I want a chai latte and a place to write my thoughts and people watch, I go to the Psychobabble Café on Vermont in Los Feliz. There's a bus stop on Vermont and Hollywood Blvd." (204, 754, Metro Red Line Subway)

Amoeba Music, 6400 Sunset Blvd "Now, as much as I want to fight it, I would probably go to Amoeba, mainly to talk to Subtitle and Thavius Beck [a.k.a Adlib] to try to convince them they're going to be stars. Right there at Sunset and Vine." (Metro Bus 2, 302)

Merkato Restaurant, 1036 S. Fairfax Blvd. "We're going to get hungry, so we'll head over to the Merkato Restaurant for some great Ethiopian finger food. It's on Fairfax between Pico and Olympic." (Metro Bus 217, 317)

Temple Bar, 1026 Wilshire Blvd. "And when I'm ready to go uot for the night and hang out with conscious black-college people, it's always the Temple Bar. There's always pretty girls, and you never know when you can run into the likes of King Britt. Corner of Wilshire and 11th St. in Santa Monica." (Metro Bus 20, 720)

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