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A self proclaimed "boring-ass MC," AWOL ONE has been rapping "about stupid shit" for 10 years. Look for him making beats with Mike Nardone and Fat Jack, buying whatever's on sale at a liquor store near you, rapping on the mic somewhere (maybe at Project Blowed) or buying gold khakis at the swap meet. His current 12-inch, "N.M.E." (with 2Mex and Kool Keith)/ "Sleepin' All Day" can be found on Celestial recording, while a Shapeshifters LP is in the works.

He was the last heard rambling randomly on an answering machine, noticeably distressed. "I know that people are trying to kill me. I don't know. I know too much - I don't know enough, actually. I know that I love music. I know that my car is almost out of gas. I lost my job today. They were just tired of me not caring. The money from the music, it's not steady. It comes in little lumps. You gotta live one day at a time, I guess." Please contact URB with any information on Tony's whereabouts, or pick up his Speakerface LP, out soon on Celestial.


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